When to “componentize” from the point of Vue

One of my favourite topics when it comes to Vue.js – when and how to create new components out of your code. In this article, Shailen Naidoo goes through several types of components and explains how to look for them in your application code. He also started a YouTube series where he walks through an existing application and breaks it down into components.

Vue Route Component Hooks

Although routing might seems as a rather straightforward topic it can get quite complicated once your application requirements grow. Especially in universal (SSR) applications. Here’s an advanced article on the router lifecycle hooks / guards and which one to use for different kinds of actions, starting from permission checks to data fetching. Great write-up!

Watch for Vuex State changes!

Do you know that Vuex also has a watch-like functionality? or that you can also subscribe and react to different mutations being committed? Well, now you do. Read this article by Vinicius Kiatkoski to learn how you can apply this knowledge.