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What is seo?

2018-12-20 10:01:18 140

After learning what seo means, you can learn seo.

What is seo, from the official explanation, seo=Search Engine Optimization, which is search engine optimization.

Use Baidu or other search engines, enter a certain keyword in the search box, such as the wrought iron gate, the top is with the ad typeface, the background is slightly different is the bidding position, which is commonly known as the sem position.

Seo is an online marketing method based on search engine marketing. Through seo technology, it can improve the keyword ranking of the website, get the display, and then get the exposure, and then get the user click, and then get the conversion.

One: seo classification.

In terms of refinement, all the points that are conducive to the promotion of the keyword ranking of the website can be summarized in the seo. For the sake of understanding, we divide the seo into the seo and the seo.

1: SEO inside the station.

What is a seo in the station? In general terms, it refers to the internal optimization of the website, that is, the internal optimization of the website itself, including code tag optimization, content optimization, security construction, user experience and so on.

2: SEO outside the station.

What is a stand outside seo? Generally speaking, it is the external optimization of the website, including external chain construction, brand building, speed optimization, and drainage.

Two: seo related advice.

1: It is recommended to position seo in an online marketing mode. In the process of learning and using seo, it is used as a channel for obtaining traffic.

2: The ideal platform for novices to learn seo is Baidu search resource platform rather than others; theory and practical operation is a more effective way of learning; experienced seo masters can master seo faster; more thinking, more summaries, can comprehend The essence of seo.

3: Before learning seo, it is necessary to be familiar with the relevant seo terms.

4: Many times, the theory and reality of seo are contrary to each other. That is to say, the theoretical point of seo is not complicated, and the operating point is difficult to achieve.

Novices are exposed to seo and feel at a loss. Please read the seo terminology and it will become easier later.