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Five Core Elements of Website Construction

2018-12-20 09:54:56 261

Five Core Elements of Website Construction

  In order to implement network marketing, enterprises need to make websites first. Website is composed of many Web pages, and the design of these pages directly affects whether the website can be welcomed by users. To judge the design of a homepage, we should consider it comprehensively from many aspects, not only whether it is vividly and beautifully designed, but also whether the website can be considered for users to the greatest extent.


3. Product as the Core Principle

The most important purpose and function of website production is product display. The main purpose of customer visiting the website is to have a deep understanding of the products and services. The value of the website lies in flexibly displaying product instructions, pictures and even multimedia information to users. Even a simple website is at least equivalent to a product promotional material that can be updated at any time. Outdated product information or imperfect product information can not only promote sales, but also affect customer confidence. When customers visit the website, they are not concerned about personal information, but about what kind of products they can provide and what advantages they have. Therefore, product as the core is a prerequisite for the success of the website.

Product information should generally include the following aspects: product name, product specifications, product use, product characteristics, product certification and product pictures. Secondly, product specifications, product uses and product characteristics should be described in as much detail as possible.

4. On the principle of strong information exchange ability of websites

If a website can only provide visitors to browse, but can not guide visitors to participate in part of the construction of website content, then its attraction is limited. Only when visitors can easily exchange information with information publishers can the charm of the website be fully embodied. Virtual forums are designed to discuss products among product users and between product users and product development managers. Online marketers can also use this to collect market information and formulate effective marketing plans. And the feedback information of website consumers is published directly on the Internet, which can attract consumers to visit the website and form a fixed relationship with customers.

When customers find products of interest on the Internet, how to make inquiries and feedback on the products in time? This is not only achieved by electronic mail. The website should provide corresponding information feedback module, so that customers can make inquiries or feedback for one or more products conveniently and quickly. At the same time, the salesman of the enterprise should be able to check the customer's feedback information in time and reply in time: each business department or salesman should be able to manage the customer's information and feedback information conveniently according to the products they publish. Through the website, customers can provide a variety of online services and help information, such as FAQ, detailed contact information, online help forms, real-time chat to answer customer consultation and so on. At the same time, the use of the website can also achieve the purpose of improving customer relations, such as by issuing a variety of free mailing lists, providing prize guessing and other ways to attract users to participate. Through online questionnaires on the website, users'feedback information can be obtained, which can be used in product survey, consumer behavior survey, brand image survey and so on. It is an effective tool to obtain first-hand market information.

5. On the Principle of Perfect Retrieval Ability

For a website, how to organize reasonably the information content to be published so that the visitors can quickly and accurately find the information they are looking for is the key to the success of the website content organization. If the structure design of the website can not make the customers find the information they need conveniently and quickly, the best design can not attract long-term customers. Even if he is attracted to the home page of the website, his visits will be interrupted in the future. In order to achieve the above design goals, some websites have designed information index and directory index on the web page. Users can quickly find the part of information they are interested in.

Therefore, in order to make the content of the website practical, a certain scale of website must provide retrieval function, so as to facilitate users to find the information of this website. In order to create convenient conditions for visitors, web designers often design web content into tree structure to facilitate vertical query. Visitors can penetrate into all the information content of "tree rights" and "treetops" layer by layer from the home page. In addition, a search system can be designed to make it easy for visitors to find relevant content. Website search system should be well designed to allow visitors to enter from any page. At the same time, any page of the website should be designed with a "back home page" link to facilitate visitors to return to the "trunk".